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  • and now for something completely....immature!

    In the military, as in life, you meet a lot of people. Some of them will have strange or ironic names. For instance, the Sailor named "Frost," or an Airman named "Seaman," or that 4'10" lady driving the ginormous SUV named "Midgette."

    Today, I was out with one of the younglings and noticed this name on a soldier: Fuchtman.

    Yeah, I giggled.


    Anonymous said...

    I like immature. It's what keeps me young.

    I like places with funny names.
    Your in Va. and may have heard of this one.

    I lived in Willmington Delaware till about 7 years ago, and always loved to go there.
    They do things the old fasion way like I still do.
    I dug fence post holes by hand today and a friend offered to lend me a gas powered auger.
    What fun would that be?
    trustno1 Bob the dumb ass
    If you haven't been there Soo take the Hubby and Kids it's another wat of life to see, and its small you can walk it.
    A fun cheap day, don't forget to check out the edged weapons musseum if you go.

    Soo Mi said...

    Wow. It's been a long time since I updated my profile. I don't even know where to find it on my blog.

    I'm not in Virginia anymore. We moved to Georgia a month or so ago. Just last weekend we drove about 3 hours each way to visit a Black Bear sanctuary. The kids were actually pretty stoked about it, which was odd.

    Also, don't worry about spelling and stuff. I'm not a grammar nazi like some people can be. Life's too short to be so damn nit-picky, you know?

    Anonymous said...

    Your kids didn't hurt the bears did they?
    My daughter is the "Elli May Clampett" here, she turns 6 on Saturday.
    I hate Chucky Cheese, but is for her. ; )
    Guess I'll eat before I go.

    Once a young girl serving us asked if I wanted a box for my left overs.
    I told her I didn't hit girls, if she wanted that bad she could have them.
    I may have to do a profile on myself.
    I think the FBI has one on me already.

    Soo Mi said...

    You're not really living unless you're fairly certain the FBI's got a file on you. :D

    Anonymous said...

    Sir Goofball says he will slap those slackingest mature people with his +10 Sillysitck!!