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    Being the busy worker bee that I am, I have not had much time to peruse my favorite haunts lately. Especially the blog of Wil Wheaton, aka Ensign Wesley Crusher of the USS Enterprise. Wednesday, I made time for him, and found that not only had he changed the layout of his blog, he had also designed a t-shirt for sale at Woot.

    I'm not a t-shirt buyer, although I want to be. I'm large and forever thinking that "someday," I will be thinner, so why waste all that money on stuff I won't be able to wear without looking dumpy, later? However, Wheaton's shirt is so full of win, I decided instantly that I. Must. Have. It.

    The deal was sealed when I learned two things: one, it was only $10, and two, for another $5, I could have "overnight" shipping.

    And so I ordered one yesterday (Thursday morning). I'd never before purchased anything from Woot, so I was unaware of this lovely little caveat of theirs that warns its customers after their cards are processed that the actual processing of their order may take as much as five days.


    But guess what was on my doorstep today? Uh-huh, that's right. My. Very. Own. Wheaton. T!

    **Will be updated with the photo of me, wearing my Wheaton Shirt, once I find that damn camera!


    Beav said...

    Pretty sweet! I saw the shirt (of course) when he posted it. It is remarkably full of win. Can't wait to see the snapshot.

    Soo Mi said...

    I noticed several comments on both sites regarding "strategically-placed dice..." and thought nothing of it at the time.

    Of course I wore the shirt to gaming last night. I no longer "think nothing of it."

    Beav said...

    Ok...now I really can't wait to see the snapshot.