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    Back in Ole Virginny, Mister was into karaoke. He had his favorite place and his favorite KJ. He even had a list of all the songs he'd done before, and, for a while at least, on which nights he sang them.

    Here in the asscrack of America, Mister is into trivia. There are literally a dozen or more places to go, and there's trivia every flaming night of every flaming week. He even has a favorite trivia master, a guy who used to be (or may still be, I can't get a straight answer) a radio DJ.

    We used to go out on Wednesday nights for "miscellany" trivia to this restaurant that specialized in Argentinian cuisine. It was open for precisely one year. Unfortunately, being the buckle of the bible belt, the liquor license was more than they could take, and they closed rather than renew.

    A few weeks later, Trivia Man finds a new Wednesday spot, a little redneck dive on the south side of town, past the "Motor Mile" and just before the ghetto. They host karaoke every night as well. Yes, even Mondays. Mister likes this, because on Wednesdays he can get both trivia and a song! This bar also serves food, but after this week's fiasco, I think they just need to stick to beer, even though their beer list can be recited by the waitress. Yes, it's that short. You better like Michelob.

    This past Wednesday, I was witness to a horror no one should ever experience. It was such a nightmare! There was pain and humiliation, a big chick and Ichebod Crane, bad food and an announcer giving a play-by-play as the whole thing unfolded.

    At the half time of the trivia game, Trivia Man gets everyone's attention as Ichebod goes on one knee and produces a ring box for his girl. She immediately responds with, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! OMG!! STOP EMBARRASSING ME!!"

    There was absolute silence in the place as Ichebod just looks at her like a deer caught in the headlights. A few moments go by, and he finally accepts the situation. He gets up, puts the box back into his pocket, takes out his wallet, throws some money on the table (I assume for their meal) and walks out.

    The silence is now very heavy. Big Girl gets up a few minutes later, says a few words to Trivia Man, and leaves as well. Finally, people start talking, and the game slowly resumes.

    That was, most definitely, OMG.


    Beav said...

    I've often wondered about these scenarios. Every time I see one sent through the 'tubes, or hear this story related to me, it gives me pause to think.

    Why pick a public venue if you're not sure of the answer? Would it be easier for him if she said yes for the audience and retracted later? Wow, do they really not know each other well enough to avoid this situation in the first place? (And if so, why is he proposing?!)

    I think I'd like to talk to a few of these couples (long after, to dull the pain) and discuss...it really bugs me.

    Soo Mi said...

    I agree wholeheartedly. Especially about the woman's reaction. Why would anyone so openly humiliate a guy who's laying his heart out for the whole world to see?

    Yes, he did lay his heart out like that, but that does not, in my opinion, make it okay to crush him like that.

    My response in that situation would have been something like "Oh my gosh, [insert name here]! Holy cow!" and then throwing my arms around him. No real answer, but no humiliation. Later, we could discuss it somewhere private.