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    On the drive to our Myrtle Beach Getaway in which it was snowing, we got to talking about illegal drugs. The conversation was relatively informative, and the children were asking very intelligent questions.

    Out of the blue, Mister asks if I recall any information about a very deadly drug that was being made from human feces. I did not, but the children all decided that it would be a very nasty drug and that anyone who smoked poop deserved anything bad that happened because of it.

    Then one of them pointed out that monkeys like to fling poop. The Boy says, "Now there's a weapon!"

    I said, "Sure, sh*t bombs would be effective against terrorism alright, but who's going to load the planes?"

    The Girl says, "Monkeys! You know, Gorilla Warfare!"

    The Boy says, "OMG! That would make an excellent video game. It could be the new 'Call of Duty.'"

    The Baby says, "Oh yeah! But we'd have to call it Call of Duty 7, because they've already made #2."

    I almost wrecked the car, I was laughing so hard I got dizzy. I love my family.

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    Beav said...

    Call of Doody.