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    Here's a fact: I missed an election.

    Here's my excuse: I really didn't know my region was involved.

    Here's what happened: The representative from "Augusta" was chosen to be the state's Attorney General or some such. He needed a replacement. The election came about one year after the newly-anointed AG took his post and his representative seat was vacated. All the news channels were talking about the election "in Augusta," but I live in "Greater Augusta," and I never saw any signs, billboards, or other pre-election pollution alerting me to my choices or that I should be involved.

    Here's how it ended: Apparently, people either thought like me or they just can't be bothered with an out-of-cycle election. 13% of eligible voters turned out to elect the representative for "Greater Augusta."

    Kinda sad, and I'm partly to blame. *sigh* Here's to hoping the newly-elected representative really is the good guy his opponent said he was.

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