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    The Boy, who is 14, has a throat malfunction of some sort. We went to the ER on Monday because his clinic was closed for the holiday. He was very quickly examined but not swabbed for bacteria, some pseudo-cillin was tossed at him, and he was told to "get some rest." Today, he is no better, cannot eat anything more than a drinkable yogurt or the broth from chicken noodle soup, and has lost 10 pounds. The tests run today will no doubt turn up "inconclusive" because of his week-long dance with medications.

    He told me last night that while playing Call of Duty, he was discussing his situation with others in the raid. It seems that pretty much everyone in the raid, Us and Them, had some input, and he urged me to make an appointment. After discussing his options today with a doctor, it turns out that a good portion of his newly-acquired information is correct. A stronger pseudo-cillin (although not the one recommended--that one was too strong) and a different pain reliever, some basic tests, and more nutritional advice later, and he appears to be on his way to finally recovering.

    And the experts say that exposing kids to violent, M-rated video games is bad for them.

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