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  • Able to leap capital T in a single bound

    I don't know if this is bogus, but it made me laugh. A guy claims to have taken a few Viagra prior to entering an airport in order to get the full experience of the TSA pat-down. He claims to have been running at full throttle by the time he reached the security center and graciously turned down the full-body x-ray. He even carried on a conversation with the TSA employee tasked with his pat-down.

    Cain positioned himself behind me and began firmly patting down my neck, back and arms. He was like one of those massage chairs at Brookstone. "How 'bout them Bears?" I joked.

    He laughed. "I'm not a big fan of the Bears."

    "I'm not talking about the sports team," I replied. "I'm talking about the woodland creatures."

    "They're all right, I guess."

    "They're good at foraging," I pointed out.

    "I'm gonna use the back of my hands now, all right?" asked Cain.

    He began to firmly stroke my buttocks, and I began giggling. He thought this was funny, too, and laughed. "I'm sorry," I apologized, "that reminds me of my uncle when I was ten."
    It carried on from there, but this was just classic good fun.

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