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  • Uncertainty

    A friend recently discovered that we had an acquaintance in common, and we discussed this person in great depth. She was very curious to learn more about him, and I was eager to reassure her about his character. This young man is someone I admire, musically talented and incredibly intelligent, a comedian in one moment, sensitive and caring the next. His was a rather unfortunate story, one that should have been a blessed life but whose history will forever be marred by a distant, alcoholic father.

    That father died this weekend, of complications from a sudden, serious illness.

    Few people who worked with this man had any measure of respect for him. I truly wish I did, but having been affected by his malcontent personally, I just can't. His family, however, were practically the perfect family: angelic wife, smart and well-mannered kids. I have an urge to help arrange a sort of memorial for him, not so much to honor his memory but to honor their struggle and the years they tried to stand by him, to help him.

    But then again, I fear such a gesture will not be well-received by anyone. How much would that hurt if few people showed up? It's a risk I'm not so certain is a good idea.

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