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    I am an advice column addict. I read two almost every day, and occasionally I will find a nugget of useful information that I can apply to my life, rather than just snicker at the selfishness or obliviousness of others or cry over someone's horrible treatment at the hands of an abuser.

    Today was one of those nugget days. Recently, I informed my delightful readers that they can call the police for assistance if they whack wildlife with their car. Although I am not clear on whether you should stick around, you should definitely call and alert the police to a road hazard.

    An entry in one of today's columns was from a man in his 30s who had seen a young girl by the side of the road attempting a bike repair. He had slowed down and offered assistance, which was refused, so he drove on. But he was left wondering a couple of things.

    Should he have offered at all, given the times and the fact that kids aren't supposed to talk to strangers?

    Should he have stopped anyway?

    The answer is sort-of to the first, and definitely not on the second.

    These are sad times, indeed. Children should not talk to strangers, and should never trust someone just pulling over to help. However, there are steps you can take to help a young cyclist, or any cyclist, for that matter, when they're stranded by the roadside.

    It is okay to pull up and ask if they need help, and what kind--it may be a medical emergency. If they say yes, tell them you will call for roadside assistance, the police or an ambulance for them. If they say no, go ahead and inform the police anyway and drive away. Everyone knows that rubberneckers cause more problems than the initial problem--the police need to be aware there is a potential hazard on the roadside.

    Also, to avoid any future unpleasantness, do not get out of your car unless it is a medical emergency that is life-threatening. Otherwise, let the professional Knights in Shining Armor do the helping out and avoid a lawsuit or worse--like getting your name etched forever into the state sex offender roster.

    Just thought you'd like to know.

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    Chey said...

    Soo... I saw you had a blogspot adress when i responded to the comment yesterday about a christmas letter getting sent back with insufficiant adress. You mentioned you had a child with add.

    This is what I wrote in responce to your comment but i wasnt sure you would get the comment there. I usualy dont go back to check comments after i responded but here is my responce...

    your child is off the chart add? Has your doctor suggested a different food diet? I know one little boy who wouldnt respond at all to meds but changed his diets (got rid of eggs, dairy and some gluten i think) and he is responding much better but he does have some add issues but they are more under control.

    Just thought id chime in since i work with a lot of kids with various medical issues and im very much go the natural route before meds for issues like behaviours.

    Take care and sorry if im stepping on your toes if you know all this all ready.

    Have a good day :)