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  • Woo-Hoo! What a year!

    Just thought I'd sneak in one last post for 2006.

    The Family returned from The Land of Dial-Up yesterday. It was fun, we ate too much fried food and zero vegetables. Unless you can call cole slaw and fried pickles "vegetables," which you can't.

    The campster is still running fine, we're all still breathing on our own, there's still a few bucks left in the bank, and it's not pissing down rain. An excellent end to the year.

    What will 2007 bring? Who can say. Perhaps this is the year I'll actually shed a few pounds and give my ailing kidneys some relief. I might just actually call people and send cards on birthdays. Hell might freeze over, too, but let's not encourage that, okay?

    Hope your 2006 was at least pleasant, and that 2007 is at least a little bit brighter. Love and warm fuzzies to one and all!

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    Beav said...

    Cole slaw and pickles totally count! Though, I imagine frying them does neutralize some of the benefits...