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  • So a man hits a 7-legged deer with his truck....

    Seriously, folks, a guy hit a 7-legged deer with his truck and then took it home for dinner. He said it was pretty yummy.

    So yesterday, we're blogging that story to death on Obscure Store, when someone mentions it should have been stuffed and sold on eBay. Well, as you all know, I live in a housing development run by the military that is exactly like having an HOA, but worse, because I can be evicted for non-compliance rather than just fined. I can't have certain types of lawn ornaments, including plastic livestock and potty plant holders. So my comment about the stuffed 7-legged deer with male and female genitalia was, "Now that's a lawn ornament!"

    Well, the guy's local paper ran a story on his infamy, and quoted several of us, including me! I'm famous! Bow down to your new blogosphere overlord!

    Okay, so I'm not an overlord, but I'm more anonymously famous than I was yesterday.

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