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  • It's so sad, I can't even cry

    Yesterday, our neighborhood experienced a terrible tragedy. A high school freshman hanged himself in his home and later died.

    The details are sketchy, but initial indications are that the child had not shown signs of depression or suicidal tendencies. So, I assumed the child was playing "the choking game," where a person simulates being choked in order to get high. Just like taking illegal drugs, this so-called game is just as addictive, and obviously just as dangerous, if not more so.

    If this child's death was in fact suicide and no one noticed "the signs," then this was a grim reminder to us all to show more concern for others than for ourselves. If this was an accidental death, as I think it may prove to be, please let the teens in your life know they don't have to do this, that there is help out there if they can't stop, and that no matter what they will always have your love. Death is forever. You may not be planning your death, but you'll die just the same.


    And remember: Never ever let your last words be ugly.


    UPDATE: Authorities have determined that this young teen had intended to commit suicide after an argument with parents. The seriousness of the dangers of the so-called game outlined above is not diminished by the results of the investigation. Please -PLEASE- continue to talk with your kids (or your friends' kids) about how fragile their lives are. Be their beacon of hope, be someone they can trust with their confidences, and be truthful always.


    SarahPacatte said...

    Since losing one of my 13 year year old twins, Gabriel, on May 6, 2005, OVER 140 others have fallen victim to this wicked, high risk, thrill seeking activity known as 'the choking game'.
    Thank you for speaking up about it; information and education can, has and will save lives.
    Ignorance is not bliss,
    Sarah Pacatte, Gabriel Mordecai's mom



    Loni said...

    I also lost my 16 year old son, Matthew, to this "game" 2 years ago. It is the worst nightmare any family can go through. Families indeed need to talk to their children about this, just as they would sex & drugs.

    Thank you for writing on this, and I hope you continue to. I hate to read of more deaths of this