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    This is a visual, so you'll have to work with me.

    First, find a mirror. Then, put your hands up so that they're about level with your ears. Open your fingers wide, smile really big and then wiggle your hands.

    Congratulations! You've just executed your first "Deaf Clap."

    You see, the Deaf Community has created its own version of applause. Since regular clapping is an audio thing, for obvious reasons they need something different.

    But that got me to wondering as I begin my second ASL (American Sign Language) class: do they have their own Golf Clap, and if so, how does it go?

    1 comment:

    Beav said...

    Perhaps if you were to do it slower and with more refinement. Sort of a 2-handed version of the Royal Wave. I think that might convey the meaning.