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  • That was SO last week...

    I usually don't blather on about my personals unless there's a comedic element to be found, because it's all mostly rather boring. The usual mundane, routine married-with-kids blah-de-blah, with a touch of college-student panic from time to time.

    I have decided to apprise my fellow intertubers (ha! I said 'tubers'!) of our current situation which is decidedly less mundane and routine than usual. Mister will be traveling post-haste for training which will enable him to go all medieval in the Middle East, or at least file paperwork with lightening-fast proficiency.

    Therefore, I will be spending the better part of this year without the benefit of regular adult company. So I ask you, my lovely readers, when I begin to sound rather more insane than usual, if I have lost my comedic sparkle, to remember that's it's just temporary, and a quick marathon of Zucker-Abrahams-Zucker films of the 70s will perk me back up in no time!
    "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit drinking!"

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    Beav said...

    "Then came the dinosaurs, but they got too big and fat and turned into oil."

    Tell hubby to pick us up some on the way home.