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  • The Laws of Irony are Strictly Enforced

    I have psychology tomorrow morning, 10 am. Joy!

    Seriously, folks, this one's tricky. You see, Friday the prof was away so we had a "supplemental assignment." Since the course is "Human Development Psychology," and we're covering the psycho nature of maturing from birth to death, and since the semester has only just started, we're covering birth right now.

    For the assignment, we were directed to the PBS website where we will watch a selected section of The Miracle of Life. The section covers ovulation to embryo, about two weeks. We're supposed to watch this section, give it a decent review, and then mention anything new that we learned from the clip.

    Considering I've got three kids and first saw this video when I was 12, I can't possibly think what I might learn at this late stage.

    Wish me luck! I think I'm gonna need it.

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