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    I got a little froggy today.

    I was going through some old paperwork a couple of weeks ago, preparing to shred a year's worth of junk mail when I discovered two things:

    1. Mister's government-issued credit card had expired and I had no way of getting him his new one in less than 24 hours so he could use it to get home [thank my lucky stars I'm a saver (occasionally)], and
    2. I had 4 points added to my license for "following too closely" and smashing up Mister's car back in January 2005. (Y'all remember that month: I mailed a clock that was mistaken for a bomb and Mister got put into protective custody by the Army, I crashed the car, the computer and the washing machine died, my living room furniture needed de-puking, and my team didn't make the Super Bowl.)

    Discussing this a few days ago with my neighbor who had just crashed her car earlier, she said not to worry, the points will drop off my record after awhile, or I could just take a defensive driver class and get it done sooner.

    Before I checked the prices of those classes, I decided to check out the time it takes for points to drop off your record here in the lovely "commonwealth" of Virginia. Turns out that tailgating nets you 4 points for 3 years. That means after January of 2008 (coming up shortly-stay tuned!) I'll have a points-free license!

    [time to cabbage patch--bbs]

    That was fun! I'm so excited that I don't have to take that class after all. Now, if that dealership would just finish with my van so I could do a celebratory parallel parking maneuver.

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