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    To my very special friend, Beav, who inadvertently reminded me to save my changes in order to activate them by offering some html advice, I extend a very warm fuzzy and a cuddly thank-you.

    Sometimes, I really am a 1st level Barbarian with a combined Wisdom/Intel score with modifiers of +1.

    Anyhoo, it is plain to see that my "new" site is mostly operational. Or at least it's more operational than most NCC-1701's at the beginning of most Star Trek movies. No need for Scotty here, although I could probably benefit from a good night's rest and/or a margarita. Since for me the sauce is a no-go, I'll just grab myself a good kip and call it a night.

    Thanks for the patience!

    PS: Good news, good news!

    I have recently discovered the secret location of my Jackass: The Movie(s) research notes. They were right where I had left them, although I can't actually recall where that was right now. I have them with me now, and will be organizing them in some sort of chart so that they may be posted to the other website, which I have just remembered is not on my links list right now. Dammit! More work. Freakin' Blogger!


    Zenka said...

    Yay! Jackass notes forthcoming! You rock.

    Soo Mi said...

    Hey Z! It's been a long time! Pop me an email and catch me up on how you've been, when you've got time.