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    Mister was telling me last night about a coworker and her adventures in selling off her car.

    She had begun the expedition using minimal advertising, and offered the car for $X. She wasn't locked into that specific number, but hoped to receive somewhere close to that. $X was already below "blue book" value.

    She received a few phone calls, but all of them were for a few thousand less than the asking price. Considering it's already priced lower than market value, she was a bit insulted. It is a rather nice car, after all.

    So she steps up the advertising and buys ad space. She was rather shocked when one of the first to call about the car was not Average Joe but a dealership. The salesman mentioned the ad and asked if she was in the market for a new car. You see, she could just trade in the car she's advertising and get a sweet deal on something else.

    Mister was also rather surprised at the predatory nature of the call, and suggested that in response to that he was going to set up a widow's dating service. The "legwork" of his business model would include the daily scanning of the obituaries for potential clients. After I shared some other examples of predatory businesses, I assured him that I did not find the situation nearly as shocking as they obviously did.

    I also urged him to not follow through on his yen for entrepreneurship at this time.

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