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    And so it goes.

    Most people deal in "real time." Shortly after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma battered the southern coastlines, gas prices in the US started to climb. This was partially because of damaged pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico and refineries in the South. "Big Oil" really didn't seem to be too badly affected by the shortened supplies, however, and posted record profits. Soon, the Middle East suppliers got on board, and prices began to skyrocket.

    While that minority with six-figure-plus incomes continued to live large and larger along with those whose self-esteem is tied into the appearance they present to the world, the rest of us tightened our belts. We seemed to just know what was ahead: higher gas prices over a long time equals higher prices on everything. It was time for change on a massive scale.

    About two years ago, interest in and sales of earth-friendly items began to increase. Compact fluorescent light bulbs have been available at least since I bought my first one in 2000, but only now became popular. New home construction starting offering options previously consigned to the realm of Hippies: solar panels, energy-efficient appliances, construction materials culled from managed forests and recycled scraps, even rain-water reclamation units. And regular folks started looking hard at their vehicles and the prices at the pump.

    Soon, regular folks began trading in their SUVs for smarter choices, occasionally coming out ahead in the deal with smaller car loan payments as well as better fuel economy and cheaper insurance rates. At one point within the last two years, auto dealers were feeling the pinch of all those trade-ins because they were not turning over as quickly as they used to. You see, in the past, one SUV was normally returned in exchange for another SUV, and the traded vehicle would practically fly off the lot. Not any more.

    For regular folks, it was about saving money anywhere possible, which is an acceptable reason to change attitudes. For the hippies like me it has always been about less trash in landfills (CFL bulbs last 8-10 years, incandenscents last 6 months) and less carbon in the atmosphere because of power plants and cars--saving money is just an added bonus.

    Big Business, on the other hand, apparently hasn't figured that out.

    In spite of never-ending high fuel prices and the ever-increasing interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, American automakers continued to design bigger and bigger SUVs and pick-up trucks with horrible fuel economy. Sure, they offer hybrid SUVs and pick-ups, but just check out their so-called fuel economy. The 2009 Chevy Tahoe hybrid gets 20 mpg on the highway, only one mile more than the standard Tahoe.

    The sad thing is, when it comes to SUVs, even the so-called imports fail to impress.

    The buying public had taken notice of the moths in the wallet long ago, but it has taken Big Business too long to wake up. Today, Yahoo News posted this article concerning the incredible losses of one American automaker in its trucks-and-SUVs division. Many Americans are about to lose their jobs because their corporation is being run by knuckleheads who can't see the forest for the trees.

    For shame. Once again, I weep for this nation.

    PS: compare fuel economy here!


    Anonymous said...

    Well Soo I drive a 08 Nisan Titan rated at 12 and 17. It gets around 15 where I drive on E 10 gas, when I use gas without Eht. I get 16
    If I add 2oz. to Acetone to 10 gallons of E 10 gas I get 17.25, I've never checked Non E 10 gas with Acetone but I'm sure I'd get 18+
    I have a 1973 Buick LeSaber with a V8 that got 9.35 with E 10 with Acetone same mix it gets 12+ city.
    When the Buick gets inspected I ask how it did, DMV says its cleaner then most new cars.
    I look at it this way how many Crap Box's went into the dump before recycling, in the last 35 years.
    E 10 is a fraud and the corn craz will ruin the last few in. of top soil in the mid west.

    I'm a small farmmer and everything gets reused many time around here.
    I guess I'm kind of a Hippie too.
    I like my independence and being free from the Government as much as I can.
    I always remember
    Everybody lives down stream.

    PS I use the bulbs where they will last, they don't work well outside or in the cold start ups either.
    Oh yeah I use a 1948 tractor talk about reusing things. : )
    I had what They called a real job at one time form 15 years old untill 38 when I hurt my back. witch was a blessing, because I'm happy now.
    Pardon my spelling and grammar, I didn't have much time for SKOOL, I was busy learning stuff, another blessing. I'm realy a Nonconformist and proud of it!

    I cry for OUR country too.
    It's OK to CRY.
    I don't do it with my kids around, I go to my churchs, they'er the woods or the barn.
    No Holy men or women for me.


    Nisans are damn fine cars and trucks with plenty of power for pulling hay trailers and such.

    Soo Mi said...

    I never thought of using a nissan for a hay hauler, although my '79 Chevette 4-door, 3-speed manual came full of square straw bales when I bought it. Kindof a buy-one, get-one sale, I suppose. It rode like an old Army jeep and was tons of fun. I miss that piece of crap.

    The deal with the SUV and pick-up 'hybrids' is that gov't standards do not require them to meet the "true hybrid" standard of 50-50 gas-electric the way the tiny cars do. So the well-meaning public gets hoodwinked into thinking they're saving the planet, but all they're really doing is paying more for a product with a misleading label. Pathetic.

    My attitude has always been reduce-reuse-recyle, because we've only got one planet. Saving money is just a bonus. Have you checked out freecycle.org? People post wanteds, people post offers, and it's all free.

    It's an excellent resource if you've got useful stuff to get rid of, or if you are looking to find something. You just can't sell anything--that's what craigslist is for.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks I think I have a line on some Orange Coverall, they'll match my eyes : p
    Most of the folks I deal with have gas savers, but alot of livestock.
    I pick up their feed and diliver it cheaper then the feed company would charge them.
    I make a few bucks and they save money. I find alot of good deals on poultry and livestock this way.
    Last week a friend had heart problems, the wife, kids and I have been putting in about 2 1/2 hours a day feeding his goats and pigs.
    Thanks again for the link.
    Were not to proud to Garbage Grab either, you should the rich folks trash : )
    Tomorow is trash day the early bird and all that.
    I'm on a quest of a steel swiming pool to use as roofing on a chicken coup.

    I love Scrounging its an art.

    Do you know why a chicken coup only has two doors?
    Because if it had four doors it'd be a chicken sedan.
    I know that sucked.

    I learned something today. ; )

    Anonymous said...

    Soo I picked up the coveralls today.
    Gave the guy a few eggplant & squash
    Thanks again.
    Here's a link that may help in your quest for organic beef.


    I have a Black Angus bull calf. He's breeding stock not for eating.
    The reason we feed them on grass all day is ITS CHEAPER
    Most feed mixs are organic now days, but stock feeds cost 15 to 20 bucks for 100lbs.
    All decent farmers de-worm all livestock every 6 months. I do and use insect control.
    If you want to know why Black Angus.
    I'll tell ya .
    I aint Bowlegged or ride a horse either. Have a good night

    Soo Mi said...

    Bob, I love a good bad joke, and yours made me laugh.

    I'll check out that link. I prefer to feed my family better food, and will pay for it when I can't grow it myself. We're tilling up a good portion of the back lawn this fall to prep it for a veggie garden next spring. We'll be growing our own tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and herbs.

    I think what you do for your neighbors is awesome. I've lived in the city for so long, it's almost jaded me, but I'll help people who need it. Too many times, they're surprised someone would offer help, and are suspicious. Sad, sad, sad.