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  • I only hope my Veruca don't want one

    Oh, Fark, you are so magnificent. Being a lo-skilz geek, I check out the articles posted there as some are not "not news"-worthy enough to make the main page, but are still relevant to geeky Farkers. Take this gem, for instance:

    Sony is busy creating a television so thin, it's bendy and can be sewn into clothing. Mister will be so pleased!

    Just imagine it: you're walking the dog, and suddenly you recall that rerun of Will & Grace you wanted to catch was starting in 5 minutes. Damn! What to do, what to do! No problem, you've got your Sony t-shirt television charged up and ready to go!

    Somehow, just like that other technical marvel, the mobile phone, I anticipate that this will only end well.


    Amber said...

    I saw this on TV! Not only is it bendy and thin, but it's made entirely from organic materials.

    Don't ask me how. I just remember my own Mister calling me over to the news to check it out, cause he was super excited.

    Amber said...
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    Beav said...

    But I want a huge flatscreen that I can rollup and take with me no-o-o-ow!

    Soo Mi said...

    Patience, child. Your time is coming.