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  • 100th Post

    In celebration of my 100th post, I am inviting all of my lovely readers to first check this article about a couple who met at a bar and decided to get naked on a rooftop. The reason this made news is because they fell off the roof, did not die immediately but were unable to get up, and then died enroute to the hospital.

    I'm waiting for the laughter to taper off before continuing....


    Okay, you feel better now? Me, too.

    Alrighty, then. Here's the situation: I put my feet in my mouth at the Obscure Store by stating that there are tons of adventurous places to get busy without the added threat of dying with your pants down. I've thought of a few; I'd like your suggestions as well. Feel free to post comments anonymously if you need to.

    My ideas:

    • limo
    • tent
    • sailboat (docked or open water)
    • elevator
    • supply closet
    • public restrooms (beware of police)
    • corn field (beware of harvest and cow-tippers)
    I'm sure mine are rather mundane compared to getting the sexy on a rooftop, especially a roof that slopes. However, the point is to get the sexy without the death.

    Which brings to mind "Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead," a fantastically great movie which has absolutely nothing to do with this particular post, or even anything in particular:

    You can have the love and the blood without the rhetoric. You can have the blood and the rhetoric without the love. But you can't have the love and rhetoric without the blood; blood is compulsory.
    It's just one of my favorite quotes, and I love to toss it out whenever it makes the least sense.


    Amber said...

    * Victoria's Secret dressing rooms, if you're careful and the staff is clueless.

    * airplane bathrooms (best on international/overnight flights)

    * the beach (beware of sand)

    * the mountains (beware of cliffs)

    Really, tons of places come to mind. Although I must say, when my man has taken me somewhere to enjoy the view, we pretty much just enjoy the view and leave it at that. Maybe some making out. No sexies though.

    Anonymous said...

    Hedge maze

    Living room when the kids are napping

    Under a tree beneath the monument at the Presidio of Monterey

    On a bus

    Soo Mi said...

    Oh man! We're gonna have to get back to Monterey--we missed that!

    Maybe we'll take the bus...