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  • Because the mind is a terrible thing

    I have officially and irrevocably lost my ever-lovin' mind. How is that possible, you ask, especially when there is much evidence to suggest I never had one to begin with?

    This parent, feeling sorry for her younglings who have to miss out on visiting grandparents this year thanks to some war over oil--I mean turrurists, took the opportunity of a sale and a lovely day to purchase a gaming console, some accessories, and a pair of games: the PS2, a wireless guitar, two microphones plus SingStar, and Guitar Hero 2.

    I just have to say that if I hear "Shout at the Devil" ONE MORE TIME this week, there will be the devil to pay.

    Holy freakin' cow, I had no idea just how damned annoying that game really is! "Shout, shout, shout, shout at the devil!" I disliked that song when it was popular; I detest it now. If I were the praying type, I'd be asking for the gift of hacking so I could rip that damn song off the game.

    Plus, the kids just couldn't get enough of it. I think there's a subliminal hypnosis in the game, mostly because when I told them it was time to shut down, I got little opposition, just a quiet, "Oh man..." Is this game why teenagers have such a vacant expression these days?


    Amber said...

    How much did the PS2 set you back, out of curiosity? I am addicted to Prince of Persia. Or, I was addicted when I had steady access to the game via a friend. If their wireless guitar "breaks," maybe you can console them with some PoP ... much less annoying, I promise.

    Soo Mi said...

    A used system runs between $80-90, unless there's a sale. We've already got the gamecube, and everyone wants the Wii, so I wasn't interested in buying a new PS2 at this time, which runs about $130.

    Of course, I'm still waiting for Wiis to be on-the-shelf before I buy one. At this rate I'll still be waiting at christmas!

    Vika said...

    Wiitis has already been diagnosed as a medical condition resulting from too much flexion of the wrists and elbows while playing with those little remote doohickeys--I thik I saw an article on Yahoo news about it.


    (They're wicked fun, though, you might even get into it with your kids once you do get one. My sister's family has one and we spent several hours after my bridal shower playing Wii--the shower was at her house)


    Amber said...

    Used is good enough for me, as long as the thing still works. But then again, I'm a big discount-store shopper ... too many student loans to pay off to be careless.

    Ambs said...

    So I just played Guitar Hero II for the first time last night, and apparently am a natural.

    This is ironic because I never played a musical instrument in my life. Except for about three months of flute circa fifth grade.