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    Not once but twice since we've moved to the delightful state of Georgia, USA, I've received some interesting mail from the United States Marine Corps.

    According to the two letters I've received, they want to talk to me about my options. Perhaps I'd be interested in a new career. A new career with the United States Marine Corps.

    First of all, let me say, "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!"

    Secondly, of course they aren't going to know me, or anything about me. It's just a mass-mailer aimed at a person at an address.

    It's just funny. Me, at my age, with my health issues, being recruited by the Marines, an organization I had thought was restricted to just men. :P


    Beav said...

    Silly Soo. They haven't been able to legally restrict the USMC to men for a long time now. Since well before either of us joined the USAF. Heck, I remember a pair of hot twin female Marines at Ft Huachuca. Yummy.

    Incidentally, you totally have to get someone to follow you with a camera while you take those invitation letters to a recruiter. I must see how (s)he handles it. Priceless!

    Soo Mi said...

    We all grew up with the movie trailers telling us the USMC was looking for a few good men. They still do that, actually.

    I lost a bet at tech school over the Marine's NCOIC. Apparently, the Marines are less judgmental about women having "man-ish" hairstyles than the USAF. It would have helped if she had curves of any sort, but that's what I get, I suppose, for stereotyping.

    I did think about going in to the recruiters, if only to get my name taken off their lists. I hate wasting paper like that.

    Beav said...

    Tag, you're it!

    keith said...

    Too funny. You in the marines....I guess your nickname would be Gomer Poe.....

    Hope things are going well in wonderful Augusta. Let us know when you are going to the homeland in bama maybe we can hook up.