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    I am so bored. I have nothing to talk about, and no desire to do so, even if I did have something to say.

    Many apologies.

    Oh, I know. You can all discuss amongst yourselves in the comments if you think bailing out the auto industry will work or not, with or without an adjusted business plan, and/or what your ideas are concerning this latest ass-up of the Big Three.

    Enjoy your weekend.


    Dan said...

    I think it's idiocy bailing them out. I don't see how giving the auto industry money is going to provide the incentives or loans needed for people to actually buy the cars they build.

    It makes no sense.

    Soo Mi said...

    I read recently that former Ford employees (retired, fired, and laid-off) were all calling for a ban on giving the Big 3 more money, because these former workers were certain they'd just piss it all away.

    What gets me is that the American public seems to have forgotten that quite regularly over the last 15 years, the 'domestic' auto industry has received 'loans' from the government on a rather regular basis.

    Toyota and Honda aren't failing. They have factories in the US. The difference is, in my opinion, they're offering a varied selection of affordable cars with better fuel economy that don't look like shite and outlast their warranty.

    Coincidence? I think not.