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    A friend living abroad recently acquired a Wii gaming system. I have one, but I haven't played since The Great Wii Olympics Incident of Christmas 2007. This friend has asked that I link up so that we can share emails via the Wii. We already keep in touch via email and blog posts. However, I'm a giving sort of person, and would do as much as I could to help any friend feel more at home no matter where they are in the world.

    I discussed this development with Mister, because I had no idea how to link up the systems (I have since learned). Our conversation went something like this:

    Soo: Hey, did I tell you Floyd has a Wii now? (I'm calling my friend "Floyd" to protect his identity)
    Mister: No. Doesn't he already have an X-box? How much time does he have?
    S: Well, he plans on maybe keeping in touch with his friends that way. He's already got his Mii up and running. I've got to figure out how to get my Mii out there, so he can see my Mii in the big parade.
    M: You know, I think Nintendo is missing a much wider market. Everyone's got their own Mii online, why not an inflatable Mii?
    S: I don't think Floyd's wife would approve of his having an inflatable me. I mean, Mii. I mean, what?!

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    Beav said...

    The idea of inflatable Miis, or Yiis intrigues me.