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  • Paging Sarah Connor...

    Here's a pro-tip:

    If you have serious plans for the next day, do not--I repeat, do NOT--stay up way late watching election returns you know--YOU KNOW!!--are going to be talked to death all day long, except for the channels that show soaps.

    Holy crap, I'm tired. And I have insomnia, so it just makes it worse.

    On a normal night, I'll be asleep by around 1 am, if I'm lucky. I get up between 5 and 6 am to start my day. On weekends, I let me sleep until about 8 am.

    But last night, I just had to watch the celebrations and the statistics and such, and didn't make it to bed until still h1 am. I know--you're thinking that it's no different from any other night. Unfortunately, I still had to participate in the required tossing/turning that occurs every freakin' night.

    And don't you know, I just could not make me nap today. So I worked on The Boy's bedroom today, putting his furniture in place and removing junk to take to the thrift store. Five boxes in total were removed from his room and the hallway along with a bag of trash. I've got three more boxes to remove from his room, he's got one to empty on his own, and then his room will be finished. Finally.

    The Girls will be getting a room overhaul starting on Friday. Wish me luck.

    And sleep.


    Beav said...

    Good luck! And good luck to the girls. :D

    Soo Mi said...

    It didn't work out. The MIL called, requesting our presence in a town about 3 hours away. I planned to plead out because not only did I have work to do, I was introducing my PC to the game on Saturday.

    No dice. There are times when you just can't say no. Especially when the MIL insists on paying for everything.

    Beav said...

    They can be cunning. You'll have to hide the punji sticks better.