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  • Crow is not delicious or nutritious.

    So I'm checking out my daily news which I get not from any so-called "reliable" news source but from several compilation sites which link odd and interesting news when I run into a bit of backpedaling today. These sites are Fark, Obscure Store & Reading Room, and News of the Weird.

    So why am I eating crow? Well, the blogkeeper at NOTW asks his faithful readers to join his google group to have the 6-days-per-week blog emailed to them. And so I did. I joined a google discussion group, and now I can leave messages or directly email my horror/chagrin/embarrassment to the blogkeeper. (The main blogsite for NOTW does not offer comments)

    Anyhoo, check these sites out from time to time. I'm still Soo on OS&RR and NOTW, but Rollersnake on Fark (longer, dorkier story that you don't want to hear). There are truly bizarre stories to be found on each, some overlapping, most unique. Also, the comments are rather interesting. They range from profound to outrageous to downright trollish and unconscionable.

    At any rate, for the next time, I'll have that crow grilled.

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    Beav said...

    Go with a braise. The slow, low, moist cooking will make the meat fall right off the bone.