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    I'd just like to take this opportunity to personally thank Google for making my Blogger experience decidedly more miserable and difficult than it was before.

    Sure, my posts load up with lightning speed. But my sign-in has gone from a quick dance across the keypad to a nightmarishly long email address along with that crazy "at" symbol and yet another password to remember. Was it really necessary, Google? Did I need to create yet another account I won't use just to keep access to the one account I do use?

    I"m going out on a limb here. I'm saying this bites. It blows. I'm dismayed, disappointed and disheartened. The pointlessness of the Googlefying boggles the mind. If Bill Shakespeare were sitting through this, his head would explode with the tragedy of it all.

    To be fair, I did peruse what Google offered in their "account" they forced me to open. Wow. Let me just say that again: wow.

    • I can change my email, or my password (as if I'm not confused enough already, let's change it up some more!).
    • I can open Blogger. Well, there's a bonus I wasn't expecting.
    • I can use "AdWords" and find people wanting to buy stuff I'm selling, except I'm not selling anything so that's hardly helpful.
    • I can get my search results emailed to me (Wait, what? I have time to punch in a search but no time to wait for it? I really am a loser!).
    • I can create my very own mailing lists (Isn't that what my ISP email program's address book was for? What the hell, I'll do it again!)
    • I can create my own discussion groups (Uh-huh. Yep. I'm fairly certain anything I want to talk about has already been talked to death, and no one listens to me anyway).
    • I can "access and manage" my search results at any computer. Manage search results? What the hell does that mean?!
    Yeah, I can see I'm gonna be using my Google account every freakin' day. 'Cause it's so useful. I mean, managing my search results is totally gonna rock my world. Maybe I can use AdWords to sell my soul to Satan as well.

    Update: Obviously, I was quite the lazy sod and forgot to speelchek. Noted and completed.


    Beav said...

    "Soul to Satan" - no results found.

    Did you mean Sole to Satan?

    Hee hee hee

    Soo Mi said...

    Tie that in with the eBay ads:

    Looking for Satan? Find Satan on eBay, the World's Marketplace!

    me me me said...

    someone visit my blogspot.....I'm not sure if it's working,