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  • Here comes the rain again

    Maybe it's just me, but I thought January through April was part of the "rainy season" for the area of the planet from the Middle East all the way to the eastern edge of the Asian countries. If I'm wrong, go ahead and tell me.

    So I'm checking out BBC's news page, since I no longer watch the BBCA thanks to their dedication to inappropriate timing of raunchy commercials. I find this article about flooding in Jakarta killing people and leaving them homeless.

    People are being dragged under by the currents, NINE people were electrocuted (?!), and several more have been lost to 'sickness,' possibly the dengue fever that has broken out due to the high levels of 'pollution' in the floodwaters.

    It also seems as though the entire country was taken completely by surprise. However, the end of the article caused me to smack myself:

    The central government is blaming poor urban planning for the disaster, our correspondent says.

    One Jakarta resident, Elan Manoppo, told the BBC there was "no integrated development plan" for the capital, adding: "Most of the city's drainage systems are not taken care of."

    Good Lord! Can you possibly make things any worse for yourself?!

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    Eric said...

    "You're only making things worse for yourself!"

    "How can I make things worse for myself? Jehovah! Jehovah!"