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  • I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!


    I am putting together my resume. I've just spent the last hour or so just composing the cover letter. I had no idea this was so very difficult. I certainly understand why there are people out there who are willing to pay others to build a resume for them.

    I also have a couple of hiccups to the business of getting employed, apart from having to build a resume. I don't have official transcripts, nor did I ever think to get references from anywhere that I had either been employed or had volunteered. And now that may hinder my chances of getting a decent job.

    If I am reduced to working at Walmart, I may just decide to stay poor. It's too bad there isn't a watery tart nearby with a scimitar in hand to grant me instant, supreme executive power.


    Dan said...

    the resume only has to be good enough to get you an interview. So, put in something about being a shuttle commander at NASA, and that should make them curious enough to want to see you.

    Then, once you're in your interview, I find that waving a handgun around and saying you'd like to meet the boss' family really goes a long way in showing that you are really good about taking initiative, and you're devoted to the company.

    As for Wal-Mart, don't. Don't do it. You'll hate yourself in the morning. Just sell meth at the local elementary school or something. The benefits are the same, I think.

    Anonymous said...

    Sorry to hear about your cousin.
    That sucks!
    Times like these,(a birthday a death and a job) I like to remember this quote.

    In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.
    Robert Frost
    Good luck with the job hunt aka The Rat Race.

    Soo Mi said...

    Thanks for the advice, and the sympathy. I can use plenty of both right about now!

    Anonymous said...

    Soo you seem (to me anyway) like a person that could carve their own nich out in bussniss and do well.
    If a dumb ass like me can make money under their radar you can.

    I just read your profile LMAO
    I voted for Ron Paul and I'm writing him in Nov. 4th too.
    trustno1 my real name's Bob

    How's the oven coming along, think go Crazyer without my corn bread.

    I'm glad I could make you smile today.
    I try to leave ladys laughing.
    Now if if I could tell if they'er laughing at me or with me? ; )

    Beav said...

    Well, it's fairly (read: REALLY) humid here. So, I take the watery, and I think you can handle the tart, so let's get lobbing!

    Soo Mi said...

    Beav, you do know the way to my, um, heart!

    It's pretty damn humid here, too. The kids won't even go outside. I don't blame them.

    Soo Mi said...

    Bob: the oven isn't coming along. I have to replace it, which is sad because it's actually only 8 years old. The last tenants really did a number on it.

    And yes, I'm going a little bit crazy at the moment. I make The. Best. Biscuits. Ever. Except that my oven is broken and I can't. GRRRR!

    Beav said...

    I made chocolate chip cookies last night. They're so good.

    I'm sorry, was that teasy?

    /innocent look

    Soo Mi said...

    You just wait until you get home, little man.

    You. Just. Wait.