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    So I take the rugrats out for lunch. As we're leaving, I notice this super-jacked-up black pick-up truck in the handicap spot. I check it over and sure enough, hanging on the rear-view just under the really big "Fear This" sticker, is the blue tag.

    Read it again: a jacked-up truck, a 'Fear This' sticker, and a handicap tag.



    Beav said...

    Could the blue tag be an example of why we should all 'fear that?'

    "Broke my leg just buyin' it."

    Soo Mi said...

    I was actually thinking along the lines of, "Dude, I've got an asthma inhaler, and I'm not afraid to use it!"

    Anonymous said...

    Fear what? My butt.
    Must be a blue tag for a Mental HandyCrap.
    They sure come in handy when parking Crap.
    Should have checked the back for a case of Corn Squezin's Soo. ; )