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    In the past year, I have had the, um, blessing of being able to visit a multitude of military-run offices, from hospitals, clinics, and personnel administration to identity card renewal and the police department. These visits took place at three military installations, one Army, one Navy, and one Air Force, in two different states.

    The different military branches are not run identically. Each has their own traditions and policies guiding them, and while the Air Force got its start as part of the Army, these days it is quite dissimilar in its approach to many military functions. The Navy is unfortunately too stuck in its traditions, and can be quite archaic.

    The military services do in fact have one attribute that binds them together in a unique kinship: all services appear to suckle the teat of Fox News.

    Each military office which offers a television monitor for its waiting patrons shows the Fox cable news channel exclusively. Certain workplaces reference national media reports in order to keep abreast of what the public knows, and to do this they watch Fox. This bothers me immensely as it appears to be an endorsement of the channel and its point of view, which often comes off [to me] as decidedly right-leaning.

    The least they could do is rotate between the many cable-news offerings, thereby presenting a front that appears unbiased.


    Anonymous said...

    But FoxNews is the channel of Dear Leader. We mustn't make it look like we don't love Dear Leader.

    Anonymous said...

    I don't watch cable TV, only DVD and VHS movies or EdUcrap.
    Cable TV is child abuse. : (
    Skillet Lady and I don't want to ruin our kids minds with TV.
    We ruin them with books ; P


    Soo Mi said...

    some of the best books I've read ever were the ones on the 'banned' list.

    Anonymous said...

    Is that the FBI?ATF&E Book burning lists?
    I pay ca$h for alot of the books I buy for myself. : o
    The more that Big Brother doesn't want me to have stuff the more I have to know about it.
    I picked up that Angus calf today.
    She's 10 days old, this should be alot of fun for the kids and us. : )
    How are things going for you and yours?

    Soo Mi said...

    meh. we're doing all right. money's a little tight right now because The Girl has a big weekend coming up, one of those comic book conventions.

    She and I will be dressed like dorks for two days wandering the halls with the sole purpose of having our picture taken while snagging free stuff and prizes.

    The angus--dairy, dinner, or pet?

    there's a list of books that have been considered banned, and this website has the backstory on what that means to librarians. copy and paste this, and then scroll down a bit.


    it's the ALA website concerning Banned Books Week, which is coming up at the end of September. Apart from my birthday month, it's my favorite time of year.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm still working on the ALA lists.
    I'm SLOOOOW !

    The new calf is to start a small heard.
    She was rejected by her mother but with bottle feeding she should tame.
    My bull calf is geting real tame now and big.
    Their calves I will sell.
    DORKS! I always dress that way.
    Free Stuff's GOOD.
    At the State Fair we srarfed up enough penciles, pens and note pads for a while.
    We love to get someones TAX money back for them.
    I like JULY too but not for my birthday. Skools out and we get to do things with the Kids.
    Halloween is are best time.
    Scare the POOP out of the kids, have a fire cook some burgers, dogs and marshmallows.
    Take them for a walk in the woods at dark after we send the day seting them up. ; )
    Not much Trick or Treating living in the sticks.
    I think money will be tight on all of us for the next few years. : (
    Even Toyota has droped their prices, most of the time they won't budge on price.
    Mark Twain they want to ban. : O
    BBW I thought it was a Chubby Gal porn site at first.
    What my mind is always in the gutter. I'm good with that!