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    Some of my readers may wonder at the purpose of Fark.com. One really must read the history of Fark--how it started as a repository of links to the most ridiculous events posted online. It has evolved into more than that. Now it is a repository of links to the most incredibly stupid, obvious, waste of journalism found on the internet as well as just plain ridiculousness.

    Fark missed this one that I found on Yahoo:

    Little-Known Palin May Be Benefit or Bust for McCain's Campaign

    I'm thinking thusly: Are Americans that stupid?

    McCain's record and popularity weren't enough to prevent him from gaining the nomination of his party. One must conclude then that most Republicans would have voted for him on election day. He could have chosen any obscure male politician, just as Obama has done, and still have the same odds for winning the election: 50-50.

    Selecting a female for a running mate may adjust those odds slightly, but he still only has half a chance of winning, since only 2 people have a shot at winning the election: McCain and Obama.

    Sure, one might look back in time to the 1980s and point out that Walter Mondale lost his bid for President in an outstanding defeat, and that his running mate was a female. However, one must remove the rose-coloured glasses and remember that Mondale was running against a most popular president and that Mondale was a major douche. He could have selected Robert Redford and still lost. Hell, he could have been the only one on the ticket and still lost.

    How do I plan to vote? Once again, selecting the lesser of two evils leaves a bad taste. When faced with this choice, I might be inclined to vote for the Green Party candidate. However, I am considering a write-in candidate, but I'm torn: Luke Skywalker of the Jedi Party, or Harvey the Wonder Llama.


    Beav said...

    To be fair, they've had several threads about his choice...and you never know if that one has been submitted but not greenlit.

    Soo Mi said...

    That's true, although in the spirit of Drew's book, I thought this one was more along the lines of his abhorrence of wasteful journalism than some of the others which discussed her unusual family and so on.

    Only one article (and I don't recall it was on Fark) discussed her stand vs Big Oil in Alaska. Rather interesting, given McCain's urging to drill there.

    PS--You'll be missing Wrath of Gustav. New Orleans decided that in order to convince people to leave, they're not opening shelters. One govt official said that if people don't leave, "You're on your own. Good luck."

    This is going to be interesting.

    Beav said...

    Saw that. Interesting hardly describes it.

    Anonymous said...

    I'm still voting Ron Paul.
    The only one that voted against the IraK war and Amnesty.
    I must be a rasist because I believe ALL people that don't knock on the front door should be deported. No matter what color they are.
    I must be a Commie because I believe. We shouldn't send our best, brightest and bravest to die.

    A big THANK YOU to You & Mister for serving our Great Country!
    It's the GovernMINT I hate!
    Have a Great day Soo. : )


    Anonymous said...

    Joe Biden, I've lived in Delaware all my life.
    Here's a book you may want to look at Soo.

    People that are voting for McClown or Dumbo tell me I'm wasting my vote. : 0 I heard that kind of Bull all my life.
    I tell them I fell the same way about their vote. ; )

    I'd vote Libertarian if it wasn't that Rooster Sucker Bob Barr!


    Soo Mi said...

    We've been labeled Commies for not toeing the party line before. I prefer to think for myself, rather than blindly follow the "normals" like grain-fed sheep.

    I've also been told I waste my vote by not voting for one of the two major-party candidates. I always reply that if I voted for the person I thought was best for President, then I didn't waste a vote. If I chose instead to vote for the person most likely to win, then I should automatically forfeit my right to citizenship.

    I usually get a blank stare and then the person launches back into the "wasted vote" tirade. A couple of eye-rolls from me and they go away, usually muttering about "stupid people." I smile because the feeling is mutual, if not directed the same way.


    Now that the running mates are named, I kinda wish they were running for president instead.