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  • Redemption. Sort of, but not really.

    Recently, I declared Augusta to be the armpit of the state of Georgia, USA. There are few things to do here that are low-cost and family-friendly, and I have yet to find anything free. In fact, there are few public parks outside of the Riverwatch, which is really just a lopsy-daisy, paved sidewalk along the Savannah River, along which are scattered a few benches with questionable integrity and a very small playground at one end.

    We are hard-pressed to find anything interesting for our kids to do here in the tri-county area that doesn't cost a metric assload of money for a family of five. Granted, we haven't tried very hard considering that the kids just aren't used to the levels of humidity here. But now that things are settling in and the area has received some rain lately, we're ready to get out and about.

    For some fun and to do something interesting, we drove three hours each way to go see some rescued bears. That was cheaper than anything we could have done here at the time, even if you factor in the tank of gas and dinner out. Even going to the ballpark to see the local Major League farm team is pricey now that they don't let you bring in your own snacks.

    Augusta has partially redeemed itself. What I have discovered isn't exactly cheap, and while it is family-friendly, it isn't for our girls--The Boy is more adventurous. Mister and I found that the one and only Indian restaurant in the greater Augusta area is still in business and their food is most delicious, as well as an assortment of Thai restaurants that have opened since we left in 2003.

    In closing, we might not be able to get out and get some exercise, but we will not go hungry for intestinally-directed cultural diversity. Good thing there are plenty of pay-to-play gyms!


    Anonymous said...

    Try church. Wait they'er not free.
    You made me hungry had to grab a salad lunch meat turkey sucks in it.
    Raining here today. Kids have been watching the boob tube.
    Skillet Lady went to open house at the kids Skool.
    I'm on my own. : o
    Now I'll hear a buch of crap about let'n the kids runamuck. he he he.
    You know Its hard to kiss the lips at night that chewed your ass all day long. : )
    I better kill some spiders and get a good body count on them.

    Soo Mi said...

    I bet you had no idea that the song you quoted is the "Our Song" for me and Mister. Good, romantic stuff, that one.

    Also, I couldn't do church. First, you have to sit there, and stay awake, and hang out with people who can be pretty judgmental and petty (not all, but too many).

    Second, I just can't buy into a professional interpretation of the bible. Either you read it and it speaks to you as the work of God, or you don't read it and that's it. I don't need anyone to interpret what I read for me.

    Good luck with the critters. I keep flyswatters handy for the occasion, but the metal-handle ones are getting hard to find. They last longer.

    Anonymous said...

    The song is in my favorites.
    Terro brand fly sKwasher are good Southern States has them $2 but they last a few years.
    I spell crist without the h so I don't take his name in vain.
    Just playing it save. ; )
    Church is like belonging to a Gang.
    Never needed any Gangs to back me up.
    I've walked alone and "taken the road less travled" R Frost.