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    Dear Atlanta:

    I sort of had a lovely time in your lovely city this weekend. The part I didn't like wasn't your fault, so please don't take that personally. I'll be contacting the corporate office for the hotel to settle that issue.

    Your Marta trains are quite nice. They were clean and the riders were polite and kept to themselves. The schedules were easy to follow, and the free daily parking at certain prime locations was a marvelous discovery. I did not get to experience the bus line; perhaps next time I will.

    Your citizens are also very nice. From the over-dressed hotel employees (nice tuxedos, Ritz-Carlton!) to the wandering homeless, everyone was polite and/or helpful. The city was filled with delightful restaurants, cafes, and shops.

    I am curious about one thing, however. Is there a regulation or law in place that prevents grocery stores from being seen from a main driving route? I was certain that if I drove around areas that appeared residential, I'd find something like a Kroger's, or even just a little Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, I did not. Perhaps it's just me, which is quite likely. I did not have a "navigator" during that hour and thirty minutes I drove around northern Atlanta trying to locate even one storefront whose words in English--no hablo Espanol--indicated the facility catered to the hungry D-I-Y cooks.

    Thank you again, Atlanta, for a delightful outting. Please consider opening a few grocery stores.

    Warm regards,


    Anonymous said...

    You have a touch of destiny about you. Priate Queen. ; )
    Arrrr... What was the plunder, Ritz towles, coffee mugs and such?

    Bob the pirate.

    Soo Mi said...

    We didn't stay at the Ritz. Just walked by. Some staff were waiting outside to greet a charter bus were very friendly.

    Our actual "haul" as such consisted of some fantastic photos, an autograph or two, and some great memories.

    Oh, and all that crap we exchanged shiny gold rocks with tradesmen in the village to get.

    Anonymous said...

    Tradesmen what a bunch of Suckers.
    Paint a few rocks and they fall for it every time.
    Would of been cool to have a few towels with R/C on them.
    Let folks know ya gots Class. : 0
    Stayed at a Stauffer Hotel in Fairfax Va. in the early 80s.
    $6 for a pot of coffee then.
    Just thought the pot was kind of a gift for staying. ; ) What the hell the statutes of limitations has run out by now.
    Sounds like you and your daughter had a good time, that's what counts.

    keith said...

    Thanks for the notice you were in the 404. We could have hooked up with you but oooh no! lol....

    I was in the 404 for 2 months before settling on finding a Kmart. Now there is a Kroger, Publix or an Ingles that you can throw a rock from one to the other....