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  • Ar-ar-ar-ar-ar

    That was me, stuttering in 'pirate.'

    Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day.

    So get yer land-lubbing flap a-yapping, you scurvy knave!


    Anonymous said...

    I'm with mate " Take all ya can and give nothing back. "
    Watched Worlds End with Skillet Lady last night.
    Sent our daughter over to NaNas.
    Damn we're OLD.
    No kids! We layed in bed and watched the moive. : O YAWN !

    Soo Mi said...

    Mister and I were still relatively newly-wed and went to a double-feature at the only drive-in left in Ohio. We watched both films, unfortunately (Speed and True Lies) and visited the powder room in between.

    Anonymous said...

    Powder room? I'd be ascared the frictoin would make the room explode. :0
    I smoke after sex.
    I know because I looked. ; D