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  • attempting to find crow on which to dine

    Mister has decided I may have been a bit harsh in my judgment of Augusta, Georgia, of the United States of America, North America, Earth, Inner Solar System.

    I declared that it was impossible or nearly impossible to find free or cheap stuff to do here that was family-friendly. He pointed out that he found a free symphony presentation, which the kids enjoyed immensely, once we got their grumbly butts into the church and the band started playing.

    Yes, we were in a church. But that's not what's important right now.

    I pointed out that one free event in two months hardly qualified as "misrepresentation." Granted, there is a free monthly newspaper geared towards parents of preschoolers, but it very often does not contain one-off activities that might interest my kids, even if I forced them to do them.

    However, in fairness to Mister and his tender sensibilities, I am embarking on a quest To Discover Stuff For Kids And Teens To Do That Is Free Or Cheap In Augusta. It may be dangerous. I may not return unscathed. I may even be attacked by zombies.

    Keep in touch, and wish me luck!


    Anonymous said...

    Find the kids a job. : o they'll love going anywhere with rather then work. ; )
    We go to tractor shows, auctions, thresher men shows, free or cheap stuff.
    Take a garden wagon and cooler, that stuff is hot, dirty, noisey, and fun to see the old stuff still working.

    Good Luck with the zombies.
    Church! snicker snicker. ; )

    Beav said...

    So, for the zombies, stop back by the church and pick up some holy water. Get yourself a cricket bat and pick out a couple dozen LPs you could live without.

    Good luck on your search for stuff to do. I know how it can be.

    (And for goodness sake, don't get any of the holy water on you!)

    Anonymous said...

    One of my favorite Redneck sports.

    Soo Mi said...

    My college in Virginia held one of those every year. The engineering students would design/build trebuchets and catapults, and then launch pumpkins, giant water balloons, and toilet paper. It was pretty cool.