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    For President's Day, we took a whirlwind tour of Washington, DC. The other part was published sometime back in February, near the end of the month. Here is a little bit more on that:

    I forgot to mention that on Day 1, we also walked by the J Edgar Hoover FBI building. I explained its importance in the television industry in relation to one of my favorite series, X-Files (I've seen every episode at least once, including the horrid one they won't show on regular TV). They were so interested. :/

    Also forgotten was the ginormous Mason's building. It was quite excellent actually, although I must admit I thought it sort of looked a bit like a penis. Imagine that--a bunch of guys, in the construction business, and their headquarters is penis-shaped. Whooda thunkit?


    Beav said...

    If I was building things, buildings wouldn't look like penises...penii...pena...whatever!

    They'd look like boobies! Yum!

    Anonymous said...

    J. Edgar Hoover hero of the transvestites.
    The masons built as a monument in that shape to all the politicians in D.C.
    They couldn’t build it in the shape of a Jackass. ; )