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    I went to Dragon*Con with The Girl. She got to do stuff she wanted, and even enjoyed one thing I wanted, although most of the stuff we did appealed more to her taste than mine. How could it be otherwise? We went for her benefit--this time. Given the chance, I would have spent most of the time in Trek Trak, Dr. Who, LOTR and so on. Here's how it went down (pics to be posted later) :


    -Arrived, registered, was asked if my name really was "So." Twice.
    -Wandered around a bit until we discovered that Sean Astin was in the middle of a Q&A. !!
    -Wandered some more until time for the Voice-Over Actors Q&A, Vic Mignogna and Clay Croker and some other guy I don't remember.
    -Wandered the Walk of Fame for autographs/photos/fanboy freak-outs
    -------Vic Mignogna signed The Girl's Chinese parasol and let her take his picture (sorry for blinding you!)
    -------I saw Robert Llewellyn, Mickey Dolenz, Robert Englund, and George Tekai (lines too long or too expensive for me to partake)
    -Finished with some souvenir shopping. Spent too much money, but Mister got 3 old comics to fill in the blanks, The Boy got a Nintendo-brand t-shirt, and The Baby got a cute cuddly that blows kisses when you squeeze its belly.


    -Gaia. Do I really need to say more?
    -------Developer DJ something gave The Girl an autographed card with his personal avatar on it.
    -Wandered a different vending zone.
    -------Found Troll & Toad, my favorite gaming-supply website
    ------------>I gagged so dramatically when offered a look at the 4.0 Player's Handbook, the dealer gave me a free Dragonlance book. Bought 2 DM screens and a fuzzy D12.
    -Turned the corner and found myself standing face-to-face with Margaret Weis, co-author of my new Dragonlance book and a slew of novels including the series I'm currently reading, co-creator of the Dragonlance series.
    -------Discovered I was having trouble breathing.
    -------Gushingly confessed to having played the game for 20 years.
    -------Declared that series to be the best ever produced for the brand.
    -------Got the book autographed.
    -------And nearly passed out.
    -Found a book dealer in possession of a volume missing from The Girl's anime collection.

    End of event. A++++++ will attend again!!!!1eleventy!!

    If George Strait had been there, I would have imploded. Except he's not exactly the sci-fi/manga type and would fit in about as well as Jeffrey Ross would at a charm school.

    EDIT: next year, we're all going, and we'll all be in costume. Originally, I was just going to put together a Ren-Fest type costume, like a corsetted pirate or a bar wench. But now I've decided I"m going to go as Domo-kun, if I can work out the finer details, like how to make the costume.


    Beav said...

    That's awesome! Maybe we can drive down next year. It'll be good to *finally* get to a con.

    Besides, seeing you in a Domo-kun costume is too tempting to pass up!

    Soo Mi said...

    Your kids are so laid-back, you won't have to worry like I will with Andrew about eyes bugging out and comments and stuff.

    During PG-13 hours, the worst I saw in costume was a seriously hot black chick in lingerie and heels. And since my worst reaction was, "Meh," I figure I'm ready to let my kids see just about anything.

    I've kept the program guide which lists the various workshops and events. We'll be using that as a benchmark for what to do and see next year.

    We missed the animated shorts show, the "live action voice-over funtime", the lightsaber competition, Trek Trak, and other events relating to Trek, SW and LOTR because of poor planning and a late start.